Spain regulates sports betting advertising

A monitoring commission updated the code of conduct on sports betting and limited advertising in Spain.

Spain.- A monitoring commission (Comisión Mixta de Seguimiento de Autocontrol de España) has updated the code of conduct on sports betting. Some of the modifications include specific measures to limit advertising, which include active athletes not being able to participate in gambling advertising.

Local media outlet Jdigital has revealed the changes in the gambling advertising sector after the Spanish Association of Digital Gaming proposed modifications in the code of conduct. The new regulation has the support of the main communication groups in the country.

Modifications in the code of conduct

The sports betting industry in Spain agreed to limit advertising in all audiovisual media. The focus will be on minors and other vulnerable groups. The goal of these gambling advertising modifications is to strengthen consumer protection in Spain.

Moreover, people under 25 won’t be able to participate in gambling advertising and the broadcast schedule will be limited. It also limits the maximum amount of welcome bonuses in advertisement to €200. After advertisements, warning signs will appear detailing responsible and controlled gambling information.

President of Jdigital, Mikel López de Torre, said: “This agreement is the result of a long process of almost a year of work and has been possible thanks to the efforts of all operators. We are very happy to be able to reinforce the message of responsibility with the gaming operators that have been promoting the gaming law that came into force in 2012.”

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