Spanish association urges regulation of betting advertising

The Association of Users of Spanish Communication requested a quick regulation of betting advertising.

Spain.- Different sectors in the industry have been fighting for over a year for the regulation of betting advertising. The Association of Users of Spanish Communication (AUC) is now pushing for regulation as well and said that the project has been stopped.

The urge from AUC comes after the event “Responsibility in the use and consumption of gambling and bets.” The event was organised by Hispacoop, Funfdación ONCE and the  General Directorate of Consumption of the Ministry of Health.

The President of the AUC, Alejandro Perales talked about “welcome bonuses” and urged the elimination of them, as he believes that they are “a decoy that stimulates impulsive play.” Taking into account the conditions for the redemption of the bonuses and their dynamics, they can lead the players to put significant amounts of money at risk, he said.

Modifications in the betting code

A monitoring commission (Comisión Mixta de Seguimiento de Autocontrol de España) has updated the code of conduct on sports betting. Some of the modifications include specific measures to limit advertising, which include active athletes not being able to participate in gambling advertising.

Local media outlet Jdigital has revealed the changes in the gambling advertising sector after the Spanish Association of Digital Gaming proposed modifications in the code of conduct. The new regulation has the support of the main communication groups in the country.

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