Solaire Resort’s VIP junket delayed

Solaire Resort’s VIP junket delayed

Investor Rich Goldman Holdings has granted a three month extension to complete the contract’s conditions.

Philippines.- Hong Kong-based investing company Rich Goldman Holdings Limited has announced it is putting back the deadline to introduce its VIP junket at Solaire Resort & Casino in the Philippines.

The resort and casino located in Metro Manila has been under lockdown since March 16. Last week President Rodrigo Duterte almost reverted the area to a stricter lockdown due to a spike in Covid-19 cases. The current general community quarantine was extended at least until July 31.

The joint venture between Rich Goldman and Solaire Resorts was originally set to complete by April 26 or the agreement would be terminated, but the company decided to extend the deadline for another three months. Now a new deadline has been agreed for October 26.

Rich Goldman Holdings said in a press release: “For the Philippines and the continuing lockdown measures, additional time is required for the fulfilment of certain conditions precedent under the JV Agreement.”

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