Sega Sammy reveals details of Yokohama IR plans

Sega Sammy reveals details of Yokohama IR plans

The company has entered into two new partnerships that will play a central role in the project should it secure a licence.

Japan.- Japanese gaming giant Sega Sammy Holdings has already began working on its plan for Japan should it be granted a Yokohama integrated resort licence.

Last week the company revealed it had entered a strategic business alliance with UK firm Foster + Partners to jointly pursue a license and has now given more details regarding its IR concept.

This includes two new agreements that will be key to the IR development.

The first is with Katana who will be the marketing firm for the project and will formulate a “Japanese-style IR business plan aiming for increased business success rates.”

“Katana will be fully integrated in all aspects of the project, from the business planning stages to the actual marketing phase,” Sega Sammy said.

The other agreement is with Kyoto Kitcho, the luxury Japanese restaurant group.

“We choose them to design and produce restaurants and inns where people can enjoy classic Japanese cuisine in elegant spaces that accentuate the four seasons as core facilities that promote attractiveness for tourism,” the company said.

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