Philippines: NCRPO will intensify operations against illegal gambling

The NCRPO said 123 operations were conducted May 1–15.
The NCRPO said 123 operations were conducted May 1–15.

The National Capital Region Police Office has said it will intensify operations against illegal number games.

Philippines.- National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) director Felipe Natividad has ordered all police stations and district commanders in Metro Manila to intensify their campaign against all forms of illegal gambling.

In a statement, Natividad said he had issued the directive following the order of Interior Secretary Eduardo Año to intensify the operations against illegal number games.

“Team NCRPO will intensify its standing policy and campaign against illegal gambling particularly the illegal number game operations. We will also strictly enforce the no-take policy from illegal gambling and other illegal sources. Commanders on the ground in violation of this order will face severe sanctions,” Natividad said.

According to the NCRPO, 123 operations were conducted between May 1 and 15, including operations against illegal number games, video karera/fruit games, and other forms of illegal gambling. These led to the arrest of 370 people and the confiscation of 107,455 gambling materials.

Natividad reminded the leadership of the five districts of NCRPO to strengthen programmes and campaigns against illegal gambling and to “fortify the sense of responsibility of current police leaders in invigorating their efforts in addressing unlawful gambling operations with their area of responsibility.”

“In order to curb this illegal activity, we need to keep our ranks out of it. Let us guard our people and always remind them not to try any kind of illegal activity. As well as you officers and leaders, let us be role models to our constituents. As I always say, let’s just work well and correctly and always take discipline to heart,” Natividad concluded.

Earlier this month, Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte bowed to pressure and ordered an immediate suspension of online cockfighting operations. According to local media reports, Duterte now says e-sabong, is “working against our values”.

In March, 23 senators signed Resolution No. 996 calling for a suspension of e-sabong after 31 people linked to the industry disappeared. Until now, Duterte has defended e-sabong arguing that it was necessary for the economy because of a lack of funds as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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