Omingo Software denies tech to share gamers information

The system used by most of the gaming operators allows facial recognition and it was first said it would be used to find problematic gamers.

Macau.- Last week some news about a new security technology that was described as allowing data to be shared between companies, caused a huge impact. Produced by Omingo Software, the program was said to enhance security and surveillance using facial recognition technology.

In a reply to Macau News Agency (MNA), the management of Omnigo Software has clarified the scope and limitations of its surveillance technology used by local gaming operators, named iTrak Incident Reporting and Risk Management System.

“To clarify, our customers (in Macau, the US and any other markets we serve) use our platform to better manage, track and report on their own incident-related data. They do not use the platform to share or access proprietary information between different companies – they simply have the option to share information within a closed environment, i.e. the same company, and only if permission is given from all parties. Additionally, none of our customers in Macau currently use the Facial Recognition module in our iTrak Incident Reporting and Risk Management System”, informs the statement signed by Mark Kornegay, CRO of Omnigo Software, and directed to Macau News Agency.

The Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau (DICJ) stated to Macau News Agency (MNA) that it has not received any application by gaming operators to install any new surveillance technology. Also, underlined that it will not restrict the suppliers or brands of electronic monitoring equipment used the operators, as long as the use of related equipment is strictly in accordance with the relevant privacy protection laws and regulations, and only for the protection of people and property.

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