Macau: security tech for gaming is not allowed yet

Authorities informed they did not receive applications by gaming operators to install security technology.

Macau.- US-based surveillance and security company Omingo Software is not officially working with casino operators at Macau. Besides the Company informed that there are six gaming operators using its technology to improve in their security system, the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau (DICJ) said that it has not received any application by gaming operators to install any new surveillance technology, according to Macau News Agency.

The technology includes facial recognition and allows for data sharing between companies, and it is currently being used by all six gaming operators. The DICJ will not restrict the suppliers or brands of electronic monitoring equipment used the operators, as long as the use of related equipment is strictly in accordance with the relevant privacy protection laws and regulations, and only for the protection of people and property.

“DICJ has been strictly reviewing and approving the gaming related equipment installed in the casino in accordance with the relevant laws and the gaming operation concession contracts”, the department noted.

The gaming watchdog stated that under the current gaming law, operators are mandated to install electronic monitoring equipment in the gaming hall and areas to ensure the safety of people and property with the electronic surveillance and monitoring equipment having to comply with “high international quality” approved by the department.

“For this purpose, the contracting company shall submit a written application to the DICJ. The application should specify the equipment to be installed and related technical specifications, the DICJ may also still request a prototype or sample of the above-mentioned equipment at any time,” the department told MNA.

“In the process of reviewing and approving the application, the gaming supervision bureau will make comprehensive considerations, especially the security of the device and whether it complies with the legal requirements of gaming and privacy protection of Macao, and will review to ensure the proper setting of the device.”

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