NSW Greens propose new Australian gambling regulator

The NSW green party has been campaigning for more controls on gambling.
The NSW green party has been campaigning for more controls on gambling.

The party proposes the creation of a National Independent Gambling Regulator.

Australia.- The New South Wales Greens today unveiled a proposal to create a new Australian gambling regulator to regulate online gambling at the state and federal level. The party believes that gambling is “out of control” in NSW.

It said: “The state has almost half of Australia’s poker machines and loses more money per person to gambling than anywhere else in the world. However, online gambling poses even greater risks than gambling in a venue.”

The Greens propose to:

  • Establish a National Independent Gambling Regulator.
  • Regulate online gambling to reduce gambling harms with mandatory pre-commitment and a universal exclusion scheme across all platforms.
  • Ban all gambling advertising including TV, radio and online ads.
  • Regulate gambling in video games and prohibit ‘loot boxes’ being accessible by people under 18.
  • End the grip of the gambling industry on politics by banning political donations from the gambling industry restricting politicians and public servants from working for the gambling industry.

The proposal aims to give people some power over online gambling platforms and make it easier to manage spending. 

Senator Janet Rice, the Greens’ spokesperson for gambling reform, said: “The Greens plan will see independent regulatory oversight at a Federal level, crack down on companies that refuse to enforce online gambling restrictions, and stop the gambling industry from exploiting kids through video games and targeted ads.

“It’s no surprise the gambling industry has been allowed to run amok for decades when both Labor and the Liberals accept huge sums of money from corporate donors looking to peddle influence. 

“The Greens are fighting to bring integrity back into politics and ban political donations from big corporations. It’s time for all politicians to represent the interests of the people who elected them, not the interests of the donor class and corporate lobbyists.”

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