New Zealand to test new app for problem gambling

New Zealand to test new app for problem gambling

The new mobile app is called Manaaki and was designed by the National Institute for Health Innovation.

New Zealand.- Developers are billing a new mobile app to combat gambling problems as a “world first.”

Named Manaaki, it’s believed to be the first mobile app designed to help player suffering from problem gambling.

The app was designed by the National Institute for Health Innovation at Auckland University and is based on an online programme developed by Australia’s Deakin University.

Institute study lead Gayl Humphrey described the app as a “support package in your pocket.”

It aims to help users control urges asto gamble and give players the feeling they are able to change.

There are six modules for different intervention methods in order to increase engagement and target different learning styles.

Manaaki is already available for free download in the Apple and Google Play stores, but these researchers are looking to set up a trial to test the apps effectiveness. They are seeking 284 volunteers from New Zealand with gambling problems. The New Zealand Health and Disability Ethics Committee approved the study.

The app will be tested assess the effectiveness of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) delivered via a mobile app for people with self-reported gambling problems.

Once participants are chosen, they will go through a 12-week trial in which researchers will evaluate their use of the app, the frequency, their willingness to learn, engagement and their gaming expenditure.

Researchers will use the gambling symptom severity scale (G-SAS) to assess the trial.

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