Melco Resorts vaccinates 2,400 employees

Melco Resorts launched an “immunity incentive programme” in May.
Melco Resorts launched an “immunity incentive programme” in May.

Between June 18 and 21, Melco Resorts & Entertainment vaccinated 2,400 staff members and family as part of its immunity incentive programme.

Macau.- Some 2,400 staff and family members were vaccinated at Melco Resorts & Entertainment Covid-19 vaccination event between June 18 and 21.

The initiative was run by the company together with Macau authorities to encourage people to get vaccinated.

Akiko Takahashi, Melco’s executive vice president and chief of staff stated: “With colleague immunity now established as a key Company objective to ensure a safe environment for colleagues, guests and the community, we are thrilled to see colleagues’ positive response to the Get the Jab campaign’.”

Through the “immunity incentive programme,” the company gave each employee a bonus of MOP1,000 (US$125) after getting the vaccine.

In order to increase the vaccination rate in Macau, casino operators MGM China and Sands China have also hosted vaccination services.

Macau’s government has reimposed Covid-19 countermeasures at casinos and other tourism venues due to a rise in Covid-19 cases in the neighbouring province of Guangdong.

People who enter the casinos must wear masks and have their temperature checked. They will also have to present the Macao Health Code, the government document that classifies health status by colour: red, yellow, and green.

According to Macao News, Leong Iek Hou, Health Bureau’s disease control coordinator, said the government would constantly assess the Covid-19 risk to Macau from Guangdong before deciding whether to relax its current Covid-19 restrictions. 

Leong Iek Hou also referred to the possibility of relaxation with Hong Kong and said it would be gradually implemented with limits on the numbers of travellers.

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