Malaysia: 28 arrested for online gambling

Police raided three condominium units in Jalan Stone.
Police raided three condominium units in Jalan Stone.

Police in Kuala Lumpur have arrested 28 people for illegal online gambling.

Malaysia.- Police in Malaysia have arrested 28 people in three condominium units in Jalan Stoner over allegations of online gambling activities.

According to officers, those arrested ran a call centre promoting online gambling activities and tried to persuade customers to visit websites to invest and buy non-existent products.

Local media reports that those arrested are 22 men and six women, aged 17 to 53 years who were making a profit of RM5,000 per day. During the raid, police seized several mobile phones, computers, laptops, modems and two access cards.

Police warned people not to engage in any illegal gambling activities and said they will continue their efforts to stop such operations in Kuala Lumpur.

A few days ago, police also arrested 20 people on an oil palm plantation in Kampung Baru Senai for illegally gambling on cockfights.

According to local media reports, police found those arrested betting on cockfighting in a tent. Officers seized 11 roosters and eight rooster carcasses. They also found cash amounting to RM29,965 in bets and several items related to cockfights.

Those arrested are aged between 22 and 62 years and were under remand while police classified the case under the Common Gaming Houses Act 1953 and Measures of Prevention and Cruelty to Animals Act 1952.

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