Macau registered only 78 people with gambling disorders in 2021

The number has been falling since 2017.
The number has been falling since 2017.

Macau’s Social Welfare Bureau has confirmed only 78 gambling disorder cases were registered in 2021.

Macau.- The Social Welfare Bureau (IAS) Central Registry System of Individuals with Gambling Disorders has reported only 78 cases of gambling disorders registered last year. Most of those seeking help for gambling addiction were in their 30s, 75 per cent were men and more than 65 per cent were employed.

The number of people registered in the system has been falling since hitting a high of 157 in 2017. Meanwhile, the number of people filing requests for self-exclusion with the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau (DICJ) in 2021 surged by 62 per cent year-on-year, to around 459.

If a person requests self-exclusion from a casino, the DICJ Director may restrict that person’s access to all or some of the casino venues for a maximum period of two years.

Macau: 60% of problem gamblers receive family help

The Sheng Kung Hui (SKH) Macau Social Services Center has published the results of a survey for which it interviewed 124 participants affected by a family member’s gambling addiction. The purpose of the poll was to analyse the impact of gambling-related problems on family members.

More than 60 per cent of respondents said they had helped a family member with their gambling addiction, either by paying off debt or paying most household expenses. More than 40 per cent said they felt they had a responsibility to pay off the debt of their family member, while 33 per cent said they should not “interfere” with their relative’s gambling behaviour to avoid damaging their relationship.

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