Macau legislators request clarification on illegal deposits

Authorities expect to approve the new regulatory framework for junkets by August.
Authorities expect to approve the new regulatory framework for junkets by August.

Legislators have raised concerns about a proposed rule that provides criminal penalties for junkets who illegally accept deposits from the public.

Macau.- After a new round of meetings to discuss the new bill on junket businesses and satellite casinos, committee chairman Chan Chak Mo has told local media reports that legislators raised concerns about a rule that sets a penalty of up to five years in prison for junket operators that solicit or accept illegal deposits.

Chan said: “Many legislators have asked: what is the definition of an illegal deposit? Is such deposit defined as illegal if it is interest-bearing, or does it count players’ winnings lodged with the junkets?”

The committee also raised questions about the government’s criteria for setting an annual cap on the number of junket operators each gaming franchisee can work with, as well as a cap on the number of junket sub-agents. 

As Focus Gaming News previously reported, non-resident junket collaborators would be allowed by the new legislation as long as they comply with Macao Labor Law and the conditions to legally stay in the city. Chan Chak Mo also said that collaborators will be able to work with more than one junket operator since operators will be considered freelancers. 

Macau legislators think VIP gaming promoter bill is too strict

Chan Chak Mo has revealed that some legislators have expressed concerns about the government’s proposal to increase the minimum registered capital of junket operators from MOP100,000 to MOP10m.

According to a report by TDM, legislators also want clarification on proposals on the size of Macau’s junket industry to be considered before issuing or renewing licences, a measure that could cause problems to junkets who have already obtained a licence or are applying for one.

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