Kamori founder faces prison for IR bribery scandal

Kamori founder faces prison for IR bribery scandal

Kimihito Kamori has been found guilty in the corruption case. Prosecuters have requested a 10-month prison term.

Japan.- The former chariman of tourism and hospitality firm Kamori Kanko Co., Kimihito Kamori, has been found guilty of conspiracy to supply travel expenses for a trip by the House of Representatives member Tsukasa Akimoto to Hokkaido between September 2017 and February 2018.

The prosecution in the ongoing IR corruption case has requested a 10-month prison term for Kamori. His defence is seeking a fine instead.

The defence claims that the intention of Kamori’s bribery was low and that he was in a subordinate position, receiving instructions from the 500.com representatives at the heart of the scandal – Masahiko Konno and Katsunori Nakazato.

Kamori said in a statement: “I passionately urged Rusutsu Village, Hokkaido, to make an IR bid and ended up actively involved in a crime. It was a severe crime that significantly damaged confidence in an IR policy.”

Kamori Kanko Co last year revealed its plans for developing a regional integrated resort in Hokkaido’s Rusutsu Village, including casino and entertainment facilities, schools, healthcare centers, commercial and retail precincts and multi-family homes.

The sentence is scheduled for September 25.

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