Investment firm launches third Macau gaming fund

The firm previously launched two gaming investment funds.
The firm previously launched two gaming investment funds.

Ossolinski Holdings has launched a third investment fund for “contrarian investors” who wish to invest in Macau gaming stocks during the current pandemic downturn.

Macau.- Ossolinski Holdings, an investment firm founded in 2009 by Matthew Ossolinski, has announced the launch of its Macau Gaming Fund III

According to Macau Business, Ossolinski Holdings said the fund’s target customers are “contrarian investors” who see a buying opportunity after a new outbreak of Covid-19 cases hurt Macau’s expectations for October’s Golden Week and led to a massive decline in visits.

Macau casino operators stocks also fell heavily after the government suggested changes to the current city’s gaming laws amid a public consultation.

Ossolinski Holdings said: “Of course, there are risks and concerns, such as increased government interference in dividend distributions. However by the time, there is so-called certainty, the stocks likely won’t be cheap anymore

“We weigh the risks against the potential upside. If for example, some of the battered Macau stocks return to their five-year highs, it would be an increase of nearly 350 per cent.”

The minimum initial investment for an investor is US$100,000, and the minimum initial investment for an institutional investor is US$1m. The company launched its two previous Macau Gaming Funds amid the global financial crisis and the selloff of Macau stocks during China’s anti-corruption campaign.

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