India: Police raid 2 illegal gambling dens in Patrapur

India: Police raid 2 illegal gambling dens in Patrapur

Police have carried out two raids in the Patrapur area in Ganjam district.

India.- Police have arrested 11 people in two raids in the Patrapur area in Ganjam district where two illegal gambling dens were operating.

According to police, one of the raids ended with six people arrested for illegal gambling. During the bust, police seized a total of Rs18,260. In the second raid, five gamblers were arrested and Rs9,300 was seized.

16 arrested for illegal gambling

Authorities have arrested 16 people during a raid on an illegal casino in outer Delhi’s Alipur area. According to officers, a man called Harvinder Solanki had been running an illegal casino inside a farmhouse for the last two years. He is accused of being involved in illegal gambling operations in different areas of Delhi.

During the raid, police seized money, plastic coins, poker tokens and gambling chips.

In August, New Delhi’s police force dismissed an officer for being involved in an organised illegal cricket betting operationAmit Kumar was also accused of being associated with criminals and rioters and of organising illegal gambling events.

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