India: 27 arrested for alleged illegal gambling

Police seized equipment worth Rs 2.07 lakh.
Police seized equipment worth Rs 2.07 lakh.

Those arrested were allegedly gambling on the second floor of a gym.

India.- The Ahmedabad Crime Branch has arrested 27 people for alleged gambling at Manpasand Gymkhana in Dariyapur. They seized equipment with an estimated value of Rs 2.07 lakh.

Those arrested were from various areas in Gujarat, with three from Rajasthan. According to officers, two of the detained, Govind Khodidas Patel (53) from Dariyapur and Yusuf Khan (62) from Thakkarnagar, had previous encounters with the law related to gambling charges.

According to Indian Express, the police received information that Govind had arranged a gambling gathering for gym members on the gymnasium’s second floor. JH Sindhav, a police inspector from the Ahmedabad Crime Branch, said there had been a similar raid on the same venue during the pandemic in 2021. It was temporarily closed after that.

Sindhav said the premises were secured with an iris scan system. Law enforcement officers waited until someone gained access to enter. They say they found a manager, two service staff and participants engaged in a game known as marriage, involving point-based gambling. Those arrested have been charged under sections 4 and 5 of The Public Gambling Act. 

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