Goa: river boat casinos handed six-month extension

Goa: river boat casinos handed six-month extension

Six floating casinos on the Mandovi River have been given another six months to find an alternative location.

India.- Goa authorities have given six river boat casinos a six-month licence extension to allow them to continue operating while an alternative location is found.

The river casinos are located on the Mandovi River and operators have not been able to find an alternative location for their boats after the the city of Panaji decided not to renew their licences back in October.

Goa Chief Minister, Pramod Sawant, has been promising to move the river boat casinos since he assumed office in March 2019, but instead has continued to grant six month extensions.

As a result, the Goa Ports Minister, Michael Lobo, has called for the casinos to remain where they are and for additional casinos to be licensed in other areas, as a tourism and revenue boosting measure.

However, the political mood seems to be find a new location to base the river boat casinos due to complaints from locals.

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