Czech lottery could switch hands

Czech lottery could switch hands

One of the wealthiest men in the Czech Republic wants to take over the National Lottery and assures he’ll do a better job than the current operator.

Czech Republic.- The bidding process for the Czech National Lottery is coming up in 2023 and is already heating up. Karel Komarek’s Sazka Group is preparing a bid to compete for the licence and take it away from Camelot.

The millionaire’s company members say they could do a better job than the current operator.  

“Sazka Group has a proven track record in taking on established lotteries and making them better,” a spokesman said. “That would position it well for any potential bid for the UK’s National Lottery.

The Gaming Commission weighed in on the fight for the Czech lottery and said it has multiple suitors.

‘We’ve been reviewing the feedback received from a wide range of interested parties,” they advanced. “We have been encouraged by the healthy level of interest.”

Gaming in the Czech Republic

Casino operator Casino Kartáč just got bad news from the local Justice. The District Court for Prague 1 ruled against the Czech company in a legal battle over online roulette. It favours the country’s government instead, in a case that dates back to 2006.

Back when it all began, the company wanted the Ministry of Finance to allow it to operate the game. However, the Czech authorities refused to give it a permit for online roulette, even later as well, after regulations passed.

Casino Kartáč filed a lawsuit against the Ministry, demanding it a €270.3 million payment in calculated lost revenue, plus interest.

However, the company was unsuccessful, just like it already was with the District Court. Previously, they’ve noted that the lost revenue was totally hypothetical and dismissed the claim. However, the Czech Supreme Court ordered to reconsider the online roulette payment case. 

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