China looks to develop horseracing industry

China looks to develop horseracing industry

The government has presented a five-year plan to develop the sport and the industry, including the potential creation of a lottery.  

China.- China’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs together with the General Administration of Sports (GAD) has revealed a five-year plan to develop equestrian sports in the country.  

Organised horseracing was outlawed in mainland China in 1945 and no legal gambling on the sport has been allowed since 1949. Since then, there have only been exhibition race fixtures, mainly organised by the Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC) and the China Horse Club (CHC). 

But the Ministry of Agriculture and GAD have presented a report titled the National Equine Industry Development Plan (2020-2025), destined to promote and develop equestrian sports and industries.  

According to Racing Post, the Chinese government plans to develop racing by upgrading horse welfare and medication standards to an international level, developing national competitions and publishing an annual report on the matter. 

A new lottery associated with this sport could also be set up as part of the plan, something which has been proposed before by the HKJC.

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