CCC: 11 employees have submitted their renewal contracts

The CCC is in crisis due to a lack of funding.
The CCC is in crisis due to a lack of funding.

Andrew Yeom, the CCC’s executive director, said the regulator’s remaining 11 employees have submitted their renewal contracts.

Northern Mariana Islands.- All Commonwealth Casino Commission (CCC) employees have submitted their respective contracts for renewal.

From an original team of 50, the financially troubled regulator is now down to just 11 employees after Leonard Leon’s resignation as the manager of the commission’s compliance division.

Yeom said: “They should be processed soon as we are waiting and hoping for all approvals to be done within a week or two, if not days.”

According to Mariana’s Variety, he also revealed the commission has spent a total of $81,087. Of this amount, 54.91 per cent was for personnel wages and benefits while 26.72 per cent was spent on the board and other compensation.

The CCC is in crisis due to a lack of funding and has warned that it will have to cease operations by April 2022 if it doesn’t get new funds. Last June, the regulator announced 20 layoffs without cause to reduce operational costs.

CCC: Bill to end IPI’s exclusive licence is unconstitutional

After being called to share his opinion regarding the House Local Bill 22-26 that would allow five casino licences on Saipan, Andrew Yeom said the bill is unconstitutional.

The bill had been introduced by Ralph N. Yumul, house floor leader. He stated that as IPI had not been able to pay taxes and its US$15m exclusive licence fee, the island needed more than one operator.

However, Yeom argued because an exclusive casino licence has already been established, the local bill would violate Article 1 Section 1 of the Contract Clause of the Commonwealth Constitution.

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