Bloomberry receives new summons over cyber-heist

Bloomberry receives new summons over cyber-heist

A New York State court has summoned the operator in connection to a 2016 attack on the Bangladesh Bank by hackers.

Philippines.- Bloomberry Resorts Corporation’s subsidiary in the Philippines has received a new summons to a New York state court in relation to the 2016 incident in which hackers used casino accounts, among other methods, in an US$81 million cyber-heist.  

Bloomberry Resorts and Hotels, which operates the Solaire Resort & Casino in Metro Manila, said it had a summons relating to the civil claim filed by the Bangladesh Bank.   

The operator is only one of 17 firms and individuals named in the claim along with Eastern Hawaii Leisure Company, which operates the Midas Hotel and Casino also in the Philippines.  

The charges are for conversion, theft, misappropriation, aiding and abetting, conspiracy, fraud and trespass against chattels, as well as for unjust enrichment. 

Bangladesh Bank is aiming to recuperate some of the funds stolen by a group of hackers allegedly linked to North Korea, who sent multiple orders from the bank’s account with the Federal Reserve of New York to accounts at Rizal Commercial Banking Corp (RCBC).

Stolen funds were allegedly funnelled through Philippine casinos, including Bloomberry’s Solaire. 

The Bangladesh Bank’s appeal over the case at the US Circuit Court is still pending.  

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