Aus: Rise in online gambling ‘needs perspective’

Alliance for Gambling Reform says that children need to be prevented from seeing online gambling ads.

Australia.- A spokesperson for the Alliance for Gambling Reform (AGR) has said that the sharp rise in online gambling in the country ‘needs perspective’.

Some figures have suggested that the country has seen a 300 per cent rise in online gambling since the Coronavirus pandemic started.

Other figures have indicated online gambling is flat or indeed down due to the sporting blackout.

AGR spokesperson, Reverend Tim Costello told 3AW: “I think we’ve got to put this in perspective.

“We are beginning a campaign next week to actually ban sports betting advertising that is seen by kids.

“It’s legal and should be allowed, but it’s an adult product and it shouldn’t be mainstreamed and normalised with our kids.”

Last week, the New South Wales government issued a warning against illegal online gambling sites operating in Australia.

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