Akimoto’s bail revoked over allegations of bribery

Akimoto’s bail revoked over allegations of bribery

After being released in February, Akimoto was arrested again for allegedly trying to bribe two former 500.com advisors.  

Japan.- The Tokyo District court has revoked the bail of the former senior vice-minister of the cabinet office, Tsukasa Akimoto, who is being tried for allegedly receiving a bribe of JPY7.6 million (US$72,161) from 500.com.

He is accused of having accepted an all-expenses-paid trip for him and his family to Rusutsu Villa, Hokkaido, from the Chinese firm when he has a member of the House of Representatives. The firm was aiming to participate in an integrated resort bid in either Hokkaido or Okinawa. 

Akimoto was released from jail on February 12, but was arrested again in August and in September for attempting to give cash to two former 500.com advisors in exchange for them providing false testimony in court.  

In September, prosecutors asked the court to revoke his bail, a petition that has now been granted, as the court considered Akimoto had violated Japan’s organised crime laws. 

The legal authorities decided that Akimoto would forfeit the JPY30 million (US$284,000) bond he had deposited as bail.  

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