Yoni Sidi: “iGB Live! is vital to the industry’s future after ‘life changing year’”

Yoni Sidi is very excited to be back at a live event.
Yoni Sidi is very excited to be back at a live event.

Chief marketing officer at 247traffic.com is excited about the return of live events and looks back at the difficult year that the industry has had.

Press release.- Yoni Sidi, chief marketing officer at 247traffic.com, Financial Trading headline sponsor at iGB Live!/iGB Affilate Amsterdam, believes that the return of in-person events is central to the future development of the industry and should not be taken for granted. 

Sidi stated: “These will be the first major live gaming events to take place since February 2020. As such, I think it is not only important but vital, and I don’t mean just from a business point of view, but also on a social level. 

A lot of us have been coming to these shows for more than 15-years and over that time some really strong relationships were made. It will be great to see everyone again in addition to seeing what’s new and learn from some of the great panels.”

Despite the gradual return to normality, Sidi believes that COVID will remain as the key talking point for delegates in Amsterdam

He explained: “COVID and how we are dealing with it in our personal and working life is bound to be the main issue in my opinion. It has been a life-changing year for all of us, and as an industry but I hope that once the slightly longer than normal small talk period is over it will be back to business as usual where we get the chance to showcase our products and look to close as many deals as possible.”

Then he continued: “I don’t think anyone realised how much live events would be missed and what a big part of all our lives these shows are. I have recently come back from a show in Prague and there was a sense of relief seeing people again. We still had the uneasiness of not knowing how to socially interact, do we shake hands? hug? fist pump? and for some people it was their first time on a plane in over a year: I am sure it will be the same in Amsterdam.

“I know my team are very excited to be back at a live event and are really looking forward to meeting their friends again after all this time of digital face to face meetings. Personally, I will be glad to be in an environment where we don’t tell each other we are on mute or asking the other person if they can hear me ok!”

247traffic.com will be losing no time in pressing home its USPs which Yoni Sidi crystalised as being the close connection that exists between its conversion and marketing teams.

“As a company and especially since I have joined, we are looking much more at the processes that we have in place and also the transfer of information between the departments to make sure we are converting as well as possible” he stated. 

“The size of our company enables us to buy larger volumes than most of our competitors meaning we rarely need to put a traffic cap in place, giving our partners peace of mind that they can send as much traffic as possible and we are able to handle all of the leads.”

In the end, he thanked the iGB team: “I know they have been working tirelessly to make sure the event runs as smoothly as possible which cannot have been an easy task!”

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