“We turned online casino into online entertainment”

Harald Pia, Managing Shareholder at Online Casinos
Harald Pia, Managing Shareholder at Online Casinos

(Exclusive interview).- The Focus Gaming News YouTube channel speaks to author, Managing Shareholder of N1 Casino, Oshi and Lady Hammer Casino, and star of industry trade shows, Harald Pia.

Harald Pia will be a familiar face for many who’ve attended industry shows in recent years. He’s a man known for his sharp insights as well as his colourful character, so we caught up with him to talk Covid-19, online casino branding and more.

With experience in the boxing industry as well as in online gaming, Harald is a man who wants to put entertainment at the heart of online casinos. He laments the reputation of online gaming and believes it’s largely because at land-based casinos, the gambling itself is only part of an overall entertainment package. He seeks to replicate the same idea in the online environment.

“My focus has been turning online casino into online entertainment.”

Harald Pia.

One of his first forays into the concept was with the boxing-themed Lady Hammer Casino, soon to be rebranded as Fight Club Casino in order to incorporate other forms of martial arts. With that project he tapped into the long history between casinos and boxing. Now Pia now plans to enter the vast Indian market via cricket screening.

“We have the best lawyer . . . we will be creative to find ways to enter the Indian market,” he says “In India we want to stream cricket games on online casinos.”

“For the next generation you need esports.”

Harald Pia.

For a man keen on the link between sports and casinos and entertainment, it’s perhaps not surprising that he sees a future for esports, but Pia comes well out on the side of those who believe they’re not to be ignored.

“For the next generation you need esports,” he says, even suggesting traditional sports will be seen as old-fashioned in years to come.

“We should not be focused on being the winner in a pandemic.”

Harald Pia.

Recognising his own brands have seen strong growth during the pandemic, Harald says it’s time to ensure the industry helps others, highlighting the importance of charity efforts.

“Our image is bad enough in society,” he says. “We should not be focused on being the winner in a pandemic.”

His biggest hope for the next months though is that he’ll be able to travel again and return to his element of the physical shows and the face-to-face contact they allow. 

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