Vlad Horianskyi: “For us this year the markets of Africa and Latin America have become the most promising”

Vlad Horianskyi, Chief Marketing Officer at TVBET.
Vlad Horianskyi, Chief Marketing Officer at TVBET.

Vlad Horianskyi, Chief Marketing Officer at TVBET, spoke with Focus Gaming News about TVBET prospects for 2022 and the growing markets the company wants to explore next year.

Exclusive interview.- Throughout 2021 TVBET has expanded its business and improved its games portfolio.

With that in mind, Vlad Horianskyi, Chief Marketing Officer at TVBET granted Focus Gaming News an exclusive interview to talk about next year challenges and expectations. 

What would you say was the company’s biggest achievement in 2021?

Our greatest achievement, I believe, is the constant work on our product. 

We have improved the existing games, Hypergammon and Blackjack, previously you might know them as Backgammon and 21Bet, and also added 3 new games to our portfolio. 

New games are colourful, exciting, and are already conquering the whole world. We don’t stop at this stage, and will delight partners with new solutions!

You work with land-based, online, and mobile casinos, which stand out from each support?

Each of these branches requires special attention. And our whole team is working to ensure that our product works perfectly in retail, online, and on mobile. 

And in general, we do a great job with this. So it is difficult to single out one thing. 

“We make every effort to ensure that the product works great everywhere!”

Vlad Horianskyi, Chief Marketing Officer at TVBET.

This year you enhance your presence in the Latin American market and in Africa, which are the growing markets you want to explore in 2022?

In general, the market is actively developing and more and more countries are legalizing gambling, which is a good prospect for both providers and operators, as it will be possible to cover even more geolocations. 

For example, Ukraine recently legalized the gambling business, which gave an incentive to many representatives of the region of Eastern Europe and the CIS countries (and not only) to consider this market and develop more actively.

“For us this year the markets of Africa and Latin America have become the most promising.”

Vlad Horianskyi, Chief Marketing Officer at TVBET.

And we intend to continue to make a significant emphasis on these geos. We are also interested in Asia, we have high hopes for the market of this region.

What alliances do you hope to reach next year?

We are actively developing, and this year we were able to conclude agreements with 60+ partners. 

In the new year, we expect not to stop with what has already been achieved, of course, and continue to search for top representatives of the industry and enter into partnerships with them.

Our team is constantly working on the conclusion of new partnerships. And the new year also promises to be successful and rich in new partnerships. Keep updating 🙂

How are you going to face the challenges of next year?

We hope that next year will be even more favourable than the previous two. We have already shown ourselves well despite external crises, coped well with all the challenges, and we are not going to fail in the new year. 

New challenges are a new experience and toughening for us. So we are ready for anything!

Do you think the pandemic crisis is over for the industry?

I believe that the crisis is not over yet, but everything leads to the fact that the industry will successfully overcome it. This year was much better than 2020, the main events returned, we were finally able to attend many exhibitions, and the land-based business is turning back step by step. 

So the industry is on track to deal with all the difficulties. And I believe that 2022 will be a brighter year for the entire igaming business.

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