Victoria implements consumer protection measures

Victoria implements consumer protection measures
The Australian state is set to implement new regulations. Credits: Shutterstock

The Australian state is set to become the first to implement new online gambling rules that improve consumer protection.

Australia.- Victoria will become the first state in Australia to implement a new series of nationwide regulations for the online gambling industry. The territory will unveil on May 26 the rules that cover promotions, deposits and marketing.

The regulations were set last year by federal authorities along with the help of regional executives. They agreed on a common National Consumer Protection Framework for Online Wagering.

Online operators in the Australian state will have to comply with these requirements if they wish to operate in the territory. They will follow rules for betting account deposit limits, ban on incentives to keep people on their sites betting and restrictions on direct marketing.

Victoria’s Minister for Gaming and Liquor Regulation Marlene Kairouz said: “These Australian-first changes are about tightening the rules for online betting operators and empowering consumers to make better choices – and I encourage other states and territories to follow our lead.”

“Victoria is the first state to sign up to the national framework because it offers greater protection to people who gamble online and gives them practical steps to better manage their gambling.”

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