Ukraine orders gaming operators to remove illegal ads

Ukrainian gambling operators have been told to fall into line on advertising rules.
Ukrainian gambling operators have been told to fall into line on advertising rules.

Ukraine’s new gambling regulator has threatened prosecution for operators that do not remove illegal ads “as soon as possible”.

Ukraine.- The new gambling regulator, the Commission for the Regulation of Gambling and Lotteries (KRAIL), has begun flexing its muscle. The regular has warned operators to remove illegal advertising, threatening to prosecute any that do not do so “as soon as possible”.

Article 22 of Ukraine’s advertising law bans gambling advertisements across a broad selection of media. Outdoor advertising, in particular, is prohibited.

KRAIL warned that it had detected a number of infringements and would take action if they are not amended.

It said: “In the process of performing tasks assigned to KRAIL in accordance with the legislation, cases of gambling advertising in violation of the requirements of the current legislation of Ukraine have been revealed.

“KRAIL calls on the organisers of gambling to take immediate and comprehensive measures as soon as possible to stop violations of current legislation.”

It said that “in the absence of a proper and timely response from the organisers of gambling”, it would “take all measures provided by the applicable law to prevent violations of the law and prosecute offenders.”

It added: “The main purpose of state policy in the field of organisation and conduct of gambling is to create conditions to reduce social risks associated with their organisation and conduct and ensure compliance by gambling organisers.

“Violation of the legislation on the order of advertising of gambling organisers leads to a significant increase in social risks associated with the organisation and conduct of gambling, which is unacceptable.”

KRAIL draws up bonus restrictions

Last week, KRAIL published the first responsible gambling provisions for the new Ukrainian gaming market, including a prohibition of bonuses that depend on player losses.

The provision bans operators from offering existing customers “any bonus payments and/or goods or services through incentives, the provision of which is directly or indirectly due to the losses of a player in a certain game”.

Meanwhile, lawmakers have yet to finalise the tax regime for the Ukrainian gambling market despite KRAIL having issued its first gambling licence in February. Ukraine passed legislation to re-legalise gambling last August.

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