Live-games streams as the effective marketing tool for bets increase

The fast live-games are designed such that every player literally sticks to its screen.
The fast live-games are designed such that every player literally sticks to its screen.

TVBET has shared its editorial from September, in which the company discusses live-games streams.

It’s no secret that modern betting and casino operators are severely affected by the high level of competitiveness. Thus, many companies find it difficult to stand out on the market offering an almost identical set of services for players, especially in sports. By spending time looking for the best solution on how to differentiate themselves and identify new opportunities, business owners and marketers can see some companies offer additional betting entertainments. One of such options is fast live-games. So why do people choose them?

Definition of live-games

By “live-games”, or “fast live-games”, we mean the streams where the process is carried out by real hosts. Various gaming scenarios may be implemented in such format – from card games, backgammon to Wheel of Fortune, KENO etc. Such content is gaining more and more popularity among players around the world, as they have a high level of trust. All actions take place live, which makes the process even more exciting. Streaming of fast live-games is an ongoing process, which is why they are especially attractive for bookmakers during the off-season, providing them the robustness against sports events.

“Sticky” interaction

The fast live-games are designed such that every player literally sticks to its screen. Several factors are contributing to the high engagement in the content:

  • Simple and interactive games are easy to understand;
  • Charming hosts stimulate players to spend more time on the page;
  • The events take place in real-time, thus improving the level of trust;
  • Jackpots and free bets as additional motivation;
  • Available at web, mobile, and land-based versions.

Let’s look at the example of such fast live-games called JokerBet that is a unique proposal by TVBET. The charming host manages the events on that card game, while players observing and making the decision which outcome will happen. Every two minutes, players are asked to predict the next card to be drawn from the deck, while the opened cards are in plain view, for everyone to see and adjust their systems of playing accordingly.

Both online and offline traffic plays a significant role in operators’ growth, and there’s no difference between casinos and sports betting. The live-games frequently are added at websites in the form of software integration.

Marketing insights

It is profitable to cooperate with the provider of live-games. The content allows companies to reach a new level in the number of bets compared to competitors. According to TVBET, the share of its games in the total number of bets of their partners reaches 25-30%. Realising the fact that a third of the volume raised through demand for live-games, it’s wrong to ignore them.

Moreover, by integrating the company’s fast live-games, a medium-sized bookmaker or casino can grow from zero to almost half a million bets in just 6 months. The experience in working with partners proves on their own figures that this is possible.

It becomes obvious that sports betting and online casino operators will be competing in future not only in their narrow niche but also for the attention of users to additional products. 

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