Sands appoints new leadership team following Adelson’s death

Sands appoints new leadership team following Adelson’s death

Sands’ has confirmed its new leadership team following the death of Sheldon Adelson earlier this month.

US.- Las Vegas Sands has announced its new leadership roles following the death of its long-standing chairman and CEO, Sheldon Adelson, earlier this month.

Robert G. Goldstein, who has been acting chairman and CEO since January, has been appointed to the role permanently. Goldstein was previously Las Vegas Sands’ president and chief operating officer for six years. He joined the company’s board of directors 14 years before that in 1995.

Goldstein said: “Mr. Adelson’s leadership guided us to the top of our industry, and his legacy lives on through the company’s 50,000 team members and the iconic properties he developed around the world. 

“He would expect nothing less than an aggressive pursuit of the work he started, and I am determined to lead this company forward in a way that best honors his vision.”

Meanwhile, Patrick Dumont, has been appointed to step into Goldstein’s previous position as COO.

Dumont, who joined Sands over a decade ago, was previously chief financial officer. He is Adelson’s son-in-law through his marriage to Sivan Ochshorn, the daughter of Adelson’s wife from her previous marriage.

He said: “I am dedicated to working with Rob and our leadership team to make our strategic objectives a reality. 

“Our path forward is clear and remains true to the principles our founder was committed to for so many years – we will continue supporting our people and the local communities in which we operate, reinvesting in our current markets, producing strong returns for our shareholders and aggressively pursuing new development opportunities.”

Sands to enter sports betting market?

The new executives will guide Las Vegas Sands in its pursuit to enter the US sports betting market.

While prospective partners have not yet been named, talks are believed to involve either leveraging the Sands brand or the development of a separate sports betting platform by the company.

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