RMG to pay racecourses £109.7 million

The group will pay UK racecourses €127 million from media and data rights from 2018.

UK.- Racecourse Media Group (RMG) is set to pay 37 British racecourses €127 million. This figure comes from media and data rights in 2018, which is also an 18% increase year-on-year.

The payments were derived from a variety of services including Racecourse Retail Business, Racing UK, online streams, GBI Racing, international deals, an ITV television agreement and Racecourse Data.

Roger Lewis, Chairman of RMG, said that the company is enjoying the fact that at it had another productive year. “Racecourse Media Group has enjoyed another productive year, not only by generating record financial results for our shareholder racecourses but also by forging many exciting new partnerships and relationships.

“We have completed the first full year of our new LBO contract with SIS, which replaced Turf TV. The new arrangement has led to a closer collaboration between our racecourses and the gaming sector.

“Looking forward, there are great challenges ahead, particularly with the new FOBT legislation, which will negatively impact the UK LBO estate, and significantly reduce the financial contribution from the LBOs to UK racing,” he said.

“There is also political and regulatory uncertainty, not only in our country but across our global territories,” he added.

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