Brazil launches public consultation on sports betting

The government launched an “electronic public consultation” on legalised sports betting in Brazil.

Brazil.- Sports betting will soon be a reality in Brazil. That’s why the government launched an official “electronic public consultation” to hear public opinion. Meanwhile, lawmakers continue to discuss the potential regulations for sports betting in Brazil.

The Ministry of Economy, through the Secretary of Public Policies’ Evaluation, Planning, Energy and Lottery launched the inquiry. The “electronic public consultation” deals with the regulation of the modality of sports lottery betting or sports betting.

Electronic Public Consultation

The notice was published in the Federal Official Gazette on Monday. It aims to collect contributions for the regulation of sports betting. Those interested in participating can access the specific consultation site and must register and publish their contributions. In addition, the consultation will run over a 30-day period (from July 30 to August 31).

Sports betting in Brazil

Sports betting regulation in Brazil will arrive soon, but legislators are debating the terms to enforce it. However, the lack of clear regulation, so far, has let growth opportunities slip away.

The federal government has two years, with the potential to add another two years, to pass regulations and licensing. That way, the segment may soon launch in the country.

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