The Mill Adventure is a gaming platform and white-label solutions provider founded in 2019, with the mission of challenging and changing the way iGaming businesses operate. TMA develops ingenious solutions that lead to higher margins for their partners, and redefines digital entertainment for the players — all while requiring fewer operational resources.

Leveraging the power of data, their groundbreaking solutions underpinned by automation, compliance, and adaptability include SmartLobbies, an AI-powered personalization feature that, as a by-product, automates casino management, and Betpool, a social gaming feature that lets players play casino games as a group while streaming their experience.

TMA currently holds licenses from Malta (MGA B2B & B2C) and Sweden (SGA) and is in the process of acquiring licenses from other regulated markets in Europe.

As proven by their current solutions and services, TMA continuously pushes the boundaries of what’s possible when it comes to delivering unparalleled gaming experiences. If you’re curious where their journey can take you, get in touch and join their adventure!