Alfastreet is a company that became a synonym for quality and craftsmanship, with a special emphasis on simple and straightforward design, efficient software packages, and impeccable after-sales relationships.

More than 25 years of manufacturing took our company through many challenges, numerous competitors that rose and fell in between, giants of the industry trying to overpower us, limitless trials and comparisons, yet today, this company stands as the leader of the industry in the segment of the electronic table games.

Being a leader of the industry is a phrase that many uses without any sense, and unfortunately that takes away a portion of its value, yet when you are actually the company that can prove the most product sold overall, the most countries represented with our product, and the success on the casino floor; that’s when you can call yourself a LEADER of the industry.

Alfastreet was started in a small shop, a quarter of the century ago, with the first products being sold immediately to some of our present-day competitors. Through the years the company developed multiple products and product lines, with numerous games and solutions that are continuously trying to be copied and followed.

Among all of our accomplishments, we should mention our simultaneous betting option on all of our games, which we first introduced 5 years ago, yet we can see our biggest (and bigger) competitors advertising the same thing, only 5 years later. Although it is very hard to be recognized and rewarded for being a pioneer and a major source of all the innovations in our segment, we are still proud to see how everyone is waiting to see what Alfastreet will do next.

Today Alfastreeet is a modern factory with state-of-the-art production lines and a motivated team of professionals, looking forward to the next 25 years.