PA winning operator sues the process

pennsylvania sixth mini casino

PGCB hasn't received a bid for the sixth mini-casino licence. Credits:

Company that obtained the license to operate a mini casino in Pennsylvania has been holding a legal battle against the state.

US.- As the Government of Pennsylvania announced plans to auction the licenses to operate ten mini casinos throughout the state, the company that runs Hollywood Casino has sued the authorities to stop the process. However, the legal battle has been delayed and, in the meantime, the same company obtained the license to operate one of the mini casinos.

Penn National Vice President Eric Shippers explained that securing the gaming license is part of a strategy that includes to maintain the legal battle “to protect the flank of that bigger casino,” revealed the CBS Philadelphia yesterday. Penn National currently operates Hollywood Casino in Pennsylvania and now they obtained the new license last Thursday.

“So we have bid in a way that we think maximizes the opportunity to play defense with one eye towards offense,” added Eric Shippers. Meanwhile, Gaming Control Board spokesman Doug Harbach said: “(There are) a couple of issues in southeastern Pennsylvania.” And continued: “It’s the 25 mile buffer zone – and the grouping of casinos so close to each other. And then number two is, you’ve got a lot of communities that have opted out.”

Nine more auctions, with one winner announced at each, will be held from January 24 to May 16. The state budget assumes all ten mini-casino and table-game licenses will be sold, generating US$100 million in tax revenue.

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