New York Senate passes problem gambling bill

The problem gambling bill was sponsored by Senator Joe Addabbo.
The problem gambling bill was sponsored by Senator Joe Addabbo.

The bill will create an education programme for problem gambling, which all players must complete before being removed from a self-exclusion list.

US.- The New York State Senate has passed a bill that will lead to the development of a problem gambling education programme in the state.

Under SB 4207, sponsored by Senator Joe Addabbo, the Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services will develop a programme, which all players will have to complete, prior to being removed from a self-exclusion list.

The bill comes in what is Problem Gambling Awareness Month in the US.

Addabbo said: “Problem Gambling Awareness Month serves as a reminder that gambling addiction is real and requires effective resources to educate, support, and treat individuals.

“As the prospect of legalizing mobile sports betting appears closer than ever, we remain focused on raising public awareness about problem gambling and its negative effects. This legislation will help raise awareness while enhancing self-exclusion services for individuals seeking to confront their issues with problem gambling.”

The Senate noted that the use of self-exclusion lists was already law in New York, where individuals who are named on lists must be escorted from gaming venues if they are seen.

Meanwhile, the state is paving the way for mobile sports betting. Last week, the State Assembly’s budget proposal published a licensing fee and taxation rate for online sports betting.

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