New Jerseyans oppose casino expansion

New Jersey casinos


A recent poll has revealed voters would reject casino industry expansion in New Jersey, outside Atlantic City.

US.- According to a poll paid for by anti-North Jersey casino non-profit coalition, Trenton’s Bad Bet, gambling expansion in New Jersey seems far from likely. According to the survey, voters are against a casino expansion to the north of the state and outside Atlantic City, with only 34 per cent supporting the possibility.

“By nearly [a 2-to-1 margin] voters prefer a millionaire’s tax or legalised marijuana over expanding casinos in North Jersey,” the poll states, adding: “In fact, voters believe Gov. Murphy should heed the will of the people on casino expansion.”

Gov. Murphy had already said during the campaign that he feared that a potential casino on the west side of Manhattan might “not send one red cent to Atlantic City” and supported the casino expansion as it is “a huge job creator, and [New Jersey is] desperate for jobs.”

State Senate President Steve Sweeney said he doesn’t believe the measure will be debated as “it was crushed” a year and a half ago. However, other Senators such as Chris Brown believe gambling expansion may still be on the table inside the Legislature, despite considering it “a threat.”

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