Nevada reports poker rooms revenue


Las Vegas collaborated with 21 poker rooms with a combined 320 tables.

The home state of Sin City generated US$117 million last year.

US.- State regulators announced that during 2016, Nevada casinos collected US$117 million from poker cash games. The results are a slight decrease from the numbers generated a year before. Las Vegas collaborated with 21 poker rooms with a combined 320 tables.

According to the University of Nevada Las Vegas Center for Gaming Research, last year’s results are the lowest number of card rooms since 2003, when 53 were open, to 73 poker rooms with 661 combined tables. Whilst the industry reached its peak in 2007 with US$168 million, during the next nine years the market contracted severely, and only in one of those years the state perceived an increase, with 0.5 percent in 2013. During the twelve months of 2016, Nevada increased its poker revenue in six months, the best being July, followed by February and September. Las Vegas Strip contributed significantly to the US$117 million registered, with US$78 million, almost a 1 percent up from the numbers collected in 2015.

Nevada casinos experienced a slight increase in revenue during 2016 to US$11.2 billion, a 1.3 percent higher than 2015. The local gaming regulators announced that casinos won US$956 million in December, a 2.7 fall year-over-year. Slot machines totaled US$7.1 billion of the revenue collected last year, a 2.3 percent rise from the previous year, whilst table games registered a 0.4 percent decrease year-over-year to US$4 billion. Las Vegas Strip area collected 56.7 percent of Nevada’s gaming win with US$6.3 billion, almost 0.5 percent higher than 2015.