Malta regulator suspends online license

The gaming regulator from Malta decided to suspend the online license of CenturionBet.

Malta.- The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) revealed on Tuesday the decision to suspend CenturionBet’s online license and ordered the company to indefinitely suspend its gaming operations in the country.

The MGA told the operator to fully comply with its requests and instructions since CenturionBet’s license is not approved to be operational by them. Italian gaming news agency Agimeg said that CenturionBet affirmed that the MGA identified procedural irregularities in signing contracts with consultants. Whilst they showed their deepest regrets over the issue, they insisted that they acted in full compliance with the MGA’s instructions and that all the payment activities would be guaranteed.

Back in April, Manuel Mallia, Minister of Competitiveness and Digital, Maritime and Services Economy, said to the Malta Independent that the Ministry is planning to introduce a new legislation for the online gaming sector. He said that Malta is a pioneer when it comes to promulgate regulations for the industry and allow investors to set up their businesses in the country. Moreover, Mallia said that there’s still room for the gaming sector to grow even if it looked like it reached it’s peak with more than US$1.28 billion contributed to the local economy.

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