Major celebration in Las Vegas

FBM Las Vegas

FBM, Win Systems and Zitro celebrate "The Great Pack Party.”

FBM, Win Systems and Zitro invite the gaming industry to enjoy great event in Las Vegas.

US.- International gaming companies FBM, Wins Systems and Zitro have teamed up to offer a great party full of fun and excitement during the week of the G2E in Las Vegas. Under the slogan “The Great Pack Party”, the three companies will offer a unique event, which will be held in one of the most emblematic venues in the city.

Win Systems CEO, Eric Benchimol said: “Win Systems shares with FBM and Zitro the goal to expand their international presence, as proven with recent Gold Club acquisition that has allowed us to add another product line with global projection. But in addition to our desire to grow, the three companies consider our customers the main focus of our effort, and we dedicate this event to them to thank them for encouraging us to be better every day.”

Renato Almeida, Vice President of FBM commented: “We can assure you that ‘The Great Pack Party’ will be a memorable event for all those customers and friends who will do us the honour of attending it. Our celebration will prove the growth of FBM, Win Systems and Zitro.”

“And despite the significant consolidations registered among industry suppliers, we continue to gain market share and be a significant player in the global market thanks to our innovation, willingness to service, and fast response to the needs of our customers,” said Almeida.

“There is no better city in the world than Las Vegas to offer a party and to entertain all our customers and friends. G2E brings together the leading players in the global gaming industry, making it the right place and time to celebrate Zitro’s best year,” commented Johnny Ortiz, president of Zitro. “And what could be better than carrying it out along with two other companies and friends that also experienced a splendid time?”

“The Great Pack Party” will take place on Tuesday, October 3, celebrating also the start of the G2E in Las Vegas.