Macau completes central credit database

It is capable of keeping track of the gambling credit issued to individual players.

Macau.- The Macau Association of Gaming and Entertainment Promoters announced that they set up a central credit database system that can track the gambling credit issued to players by the local junket sector.

During an interview with GGRAsia, association president Kwok Chi Chung said that they’re waiting for the government to approve the system. “We’re in the process of presenting the credit database to the Office for Personal Data Protection. During the setting up of this database, we’ve been communicating with the office and they know how our system operates.” Kwok said that one of the biggest reasons they believe in the junket credit database is because it helps gaming promoters to identify VIP players with a big debt related to other junkets in the same city.

Kwok confirmed that the credit database complies with Macau’s personal data protection rules and that it already passed testing, they’re just waiting for the approval of the government. Access to the database will be restricted to members of the association. “We are also communicating with the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau regarding the use of this database. The bureau’s response has been supportive so far,” he added.