“LigaMX, AFA and Dimayor are key for LatAm sportsbooks”

Fernando Martinez, head of commercial for Latam at Genius Sports.
Fernando Martinez, head of commercial for Latam at Genius Sports.

Fernando Martinez, head of commercial for LatAam at Genius Sports, spoke with Focus Gaming News about the company’s expansion in Latin America and its expectations for the next few years.

Exclusive Interview.- In recent months, Genius Sports, the data, technology and business partner that connects sports, betting and the media, has made headlines through its partnerships with some of the world’s leading sports leagues.

Fernando Martinez, Head of Commercial for LatAm at Genius Sports spoke exclusively with Focus Gaming News about these alliances, the exponential growth the company has seen and how he sees the future of the industry.

Genius Sports’ agreement with the NFL

Regarding the company’s partnership with the US National Football League (NFL), Martinez says the agreement is unique since the company became a 360 partner, combining official data with live streaming exclusively distributed outside the United States and the management of advertising inventory in a wide range of solutions.

“This gives the league absolute control from end-to-end, from the moment data is captured to how it distributes video streams and advertising inventory, all the way until it reaches the fan. This generates loyalty, retention and acquires new fans. It makes us a different kind of partner,” he explains.

Expansion in the region

Genius Sports has recently signed contracts with DIMAYOR and the Argentine Football Association (“AFA”.) Martinez says great strides have been made in the region, with agreements that also include the Federation of Peru, Honduras, Salvador and Costa Rica, as well as the Mexican League.  

“In the last 24 months we have exponentially increased our content portfolio in Latin America.”

Fernando Martinez, head of commercial for Latam at Genius Sports.

“We consolidate a unique official database in the region. This benefits our sportsbook partners, through a unique, official and exclusive portfolio that’s validated by the federation, and end-to-end care,” he added.

The future of sports betting in Latin America

In the context of increasing globalisation, and increasing access to content, the world of sports betting cannot fall behind. Although football fans in Latin America continue to stand out for the degree of identification with their teams, it’s increasingly common to see enthusiasm for other leagues to cross borders.

This makes the process of regionalisation of sports betting much bigger and causes the regulatory entities in each country to seek to control operations.

“Since 2018, growth in the sports betting market has definitely accelerated and there is a very big opportunity.”

Fernando Martinez, head of commercial for Latam at Genius Sports.

What we expect for the next three years is exponential growth,” he explains.

“Sports betting already exists in many countries and what governments do is give transparency and integrity to the business to enable greater control and ensure that everything works in a healthy ecosystem,” he notes.

Genius Sports’s business model is based on “fan engagement”

When many of Genius Sports’ competitors did not believe in a business model focused on official data, the company invested money and resources to make the data official.

“Genius Sports has a strategy and is faithful to its strategy,” Martinez stresses. Following this line, the company implemented a model based on “fan engagement” for both leagues and bookmakers. 

In this way, and through specific and strategic acquisitions such as Spirable, a creative performance platform, and FanHub, Genius Sports added the best leading companies in each of their areas to enhance its portfolio and give customers added value.

“Fun years in the industry are coming. I think there is going to be an exponential growth where many more strategic thoughts will be needed,” Martinez concludes.

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