“Latin America is one of our priorities”

1xBet continues to thrive despite a rough 2020.
1xBet continues to thrive despite a rough 2020.

Exclusive interview.- The 1xBet team talks to Focus Gaming News about the company’s operations in 2020 and beyond.

The pandemic had a big impact on the gaming industry and the 1xBet team discusses how it has hit on its own sports betting business. While the company grows worldwide, reaching out to new markets, it had to surf this year’s wave & it explains how it has managed to still thrive in this exclusive interview with Focus Gaming News.

Has the sporadic 2020 sports schedule had any impact on 1xBet’s strategy in terms of product variety beyond sports betting?

2020 has taken the element of surprise to the next level. Until recently, it wasn’t known which tournament would take place on time and which would be cancelled altogether. This added certain complications.

This stressful environment has been a test for many companies. Luckily for us, at 1xBet, we have always adhered to the philosophy of innovation and variety of entertainment – not just focusing on popular sports. Thanks to this, we did not have to urgently look for alternatives to the cancelled sporting events.

1xBet users have known for a long time that in addition to sports betting, we have a wide range of other entertainment options. They have the opportunity to bet on virtual sports, esports betting, and our exclusive 1xGames. We always offer maximum entertainment and are not fearful of sudden changes of circumstances in the world of sports.

We have always adhered to the philosophy of innovation and variety of entertainment.


Does 1xBet expect to continue to develop its esports and virtual sports offerings?

Esports and virtual sports are very promising areas for bookmaker companies. We plan to develop them further, as we see significant interest from the audience.

1xBet currently sponsors several well-known esports teams, such as NAVI, Cascade and others. We offer not only interesting promotions and a wide line for esports fans, but also contribute to the development of this phenomenon. Today, 1xBet is known not only as a betting company but also as a sponsor and organiser of various esports events of the highest level.

Esports and virtual sports are very promising areas.


Virtual sports are also an exciting offshoot that is actively developing. Firstly, here you can bet 24/7, which compares favourably with real sports. Secondly, virtual sport is technically implemented at a very high level. The graphics in virtual football are on par with those in football simulators on consoles and PCs.

Kazakhstan is one of 1xBet’s main markets in Asia. What kind of impact do you expect from the recent regulatory changes moving land-based betting outlets to special areas? What does it mean for 1xBet’s presence in the country?

Not so long ago, legal amendments were made in Kazakhstan to create special gambling zones where bet acceptance points can be located. For bookmakers, this means only one thing: the actual elimination of offline points in Kazakhstan. This will further entail a reduction in tax generated, a decrease in jobs for Kazakh citizens and the potential emergence of a shadow betting market that will not be controlled by the authorities.

1xBet is a major taxpayer in Kazakhstan: we have created hundreds of jobs and have always advocated the most transparent processes in the gambling sector. Now we will focus on online betting in this country, because for us it is one of the most important markets.

It is difficult to understand the decision of the authorities, and finding positive aspects for at least one of the parties is even more difficult. We believe that in the future the legislative bodies will revise their decision for the better.

What progress has 1xBet seen in its newest markets such as Mexico and Nigeria?

Entering the markets of Mexico and Nigeria is part of 1xBet’s strategy to maximise brand globalisation. We strive to be represented wherever required by law. When we see an opportunity to enter the market, we definitely study what is necessary for this and put our plans into practice.

Mexico and Nigeria are very different, but there is one factor that unites the inhabitants of these two countries – their genuine love of sports. It is an honour for 1xBet to work with such inspiring people.

The initial phase of entering these markets has been highly successful. We are already at the stage of consolidating the achieved positions, building up our audience, offering users exciting promotions and a wide range of events that interest them. We will not stop there. We strive to be as widely represented as possible in Mexico and Nigeria and therefore are also open to potential partnerships of local teams and athletes.

What other markets is 1xBet looking at expanding in? Do you still aim to expand further in Latin America, and what form might that take?

Latin America is one of our priorities. We will not single out specific countries, since it is not in our outlook to put one area above others. We are optimistic about each market because today, more and more countries are making contact with the gambling industry. In the spirit of full cooperation, 1xBet is always ready for dialogue with the authorities of each region.

If there is no 1xBet in your country yet, it may be a matter of time. Follow the news, and perhaps one day this reliable bookmaker will appear near you.

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