Lagoonda Casino opens its doors in Sierra Leone

Games World International in collaboration with Lagoonda Entertainment opened the complex’s doors to the public.

Sierra Leone.- Games World International and Lagoonda Entertainment opened their complex to the public for business.

The casino will be managed by Games World International. Tani Hanna, CEO of Games World International revealed that Sierra Leone is the first to get state of the art digitalised gaming equipment, which will make gambling more interesting. Hanna added that the casino is well equipped and has enough machines to entertain all those who will want to engage in a game of chance.

Sidi Tunis, Tourism and Culture Minister, thanked Games World for establishing one of the best casinos in Africa, which will serve as a hub to bring in more investment to the country, stressing that Lagoonda should assist government to protect and preserve tourist attraction to build capacity in the industry. The minister added that tourism is an important part of the Government’s rebranding strategy in the private sector.

“The establishment of a modern casino will not only provide entertainment, but will also provide jobs for Sierra Leoneans which is part of government’s local content policy to encourage more investors in the country to increase employment,” the minister said.