Jan Urbanec, Endorphina: “The goal is to win the hearts and minds of the players”

Jan Urbanec, CEO at Endorphina.
Jan Urbanec, CEO at Endorphina.

In dialogue with Focus Gaming News, the CEO of Endorphina anticipates the celebrations for its tenth anniversary, which will kick off shortly at iGB Live Amsterdam.

Exclusive interview.- Jan Urbanec, CEO at Endorphina, paused to reflect on the company’s evolution over the last decade. What was and what is to come.

With Endorphina celebrating ten years in the business, what are your reflections on how things have evolved in that time, both for Endorphina and the industry as a whole?

Ten years feel like a long time in the iGaming industry. Our industry is strongly connected with technology, mainly with the mainstream technology that is available to the players.

When we started we saw a single wallet being the standard API. Some operators still using downloadable clients, and Flash being the technology of choice. We saw the rise of mobile, up to absolute dominance. A lot of brands failed or grew rapidly. We can put ourselves into the latter category.

How will Endorphina be celebrating the landmark year?

We have several surprises in the story. The celebration is starting this Q2 with our presence in Amsterdam and will continue until the end of the year.

It will involve live events for both our employees and our business partners. We will not forget about our players, so the celebrations will expand online as well with great promotions created together with our most valuable operators.

“My personal win is the fact that we have our games certified for the Czech Republic.”

Jan Urbanec, CEO.

How will iGB Live fit into the celebrations?

We will start soft, with a small private event and some anniversary-connected merchandise that Endorphina is famous for.

iGB is a starting point, we are going to ramp up the celebration as 2022 progresses. Every hour, we’ll be giving away 1 prize for the entire two days at our stand N50 at iGB Live.

What’s been your favourite Endorphina game from the whole 10 years?

I have a set of “mini categories” in my head. The first really big win I witnessed – Happened on our game Safari and in today’s exchange would be slightly over a million EUR.

The first new release that skyrocketed: Minotaurus. While the first unique and innovative game was Satoshis Secret. It was a big surprise for the industry when launched. The game was tailored for some of the first online crypto-casinos in 2015.

We’ve already seen new market launches this year. What’s been the highlight for you?

My personal win is the fact that we have our games certified for the Czech Republic. Even delays from regulators and the four-month wait to go live do not tarnish this milestone for me. The fact stays that Prague was the birthplace of Endorphina as an international slot games provider. So it is only fitting to become locally known even to players.

How would you define Endorphina’s ambitions for its next 10 years?

The goal is quite simple – to win the hearts and minds of the players in all available jurisdictions! Everything else will automatically follow. That’s a simple goal, but 10 years is a tight deadline

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