Jackpot app launches in Texas with $42m in funding

Players can access Powerball, Mega Millions, Lotto Texas, and Texas Two Step through the app.
Players can access Powerball, Mega Millions, Lotto Texas, and Texas Two Step through the app.

Jackpot’s Texas launch includes multi-year marketing partnerships with the Dallas Cowboys, Houston Rockets, and San Antonio Spurs.

US.- The online lottery ticket platform Jackpot.com has launched in Texas with $42m in funding from some of the sports franchises and marketing partnerships it has signed with the Dallas Cowboys, Houston Rockets, and San Antonio Spurs.

Jackpot’s Texas multi-year marketing partnerships include promotions and logos appearing throughout Dallas’s AT&T Stadium, Houston’s Toyota Center, and San Antonio’s AT&T Center.

Following its $35m Series A funding round in June 2022, Jackpot.com announced an additional $7m in funding from some of the biggest names in sports and online gaming, including the Dallas Cowboys, New York Yankees, Aurum Partners (owners of the San Francisco 49ers), the Tisch family (co-owners of the New York Giants), Detroit Venture Partners (run by Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert), and BettorCapital.

Via Jackpot’s app, Texans can instantly play Powerball, Mega Millions, Lotto Texas, and Texas Two Step. The app allows players to view scanned copies of their purchased tickets, receive notifications when drawings take place, and receive winnings in their accounts. Jackpot.com ensures eligibility through ID and location verification.

Jackpot.com CEO and co-founder Akshay K. Khanna said: “More than half of Americans buy lottery tickets each year, but only a fraction is bought online – including in Texas, the country’s third-largest lottery market. During my time at StubHub, I saw first-hand how impactful digitization can be in expanding access and growing the industry.

“With Jackpot.com, we’re modernizing America’s favourite game by enhancing the player experience, expanding accessibility, and offering safety guardrails that set a new standard for responsible gaming – all while ensuring players never miss a draw or misplace their ticket again. Texans embrace innovation, and we know people across the Lone Star State will embrace Jackpot.com’s modern way to play.”

Dallas Cowboys executive vice president Chad Estis added: “Texans love to play and love to win, which is why the Dallas Cowboys are excited to partner with Jackpot.com to bring our fans a new way to buy lottery tickets conveniently, safely, and responsibly.”

Houston Rockets president of business operations Gretchen Sheirr commented: “The Rockets organization is always looking to change the game through innovation – both on and off the court – and is proud to partner with Jackpot.com as they usher in a convenient and exciting way for our fans to play the lotteries online here in Texas.”

Spurs Sports and Entertainment COO Brandon Gayle added: “Jackpot.com makes buying a lottery ticket more convenient than ever – Spurs fans can now play the lottery right from their phone or laptop. We’re proud to partner with Jackpot.com to bring safe gaming to our fans across Texas.”

The Texas Lottery generated more than $8bn in record-breaking sales in the 2022 fiscal year, according to the Texas Lottery Commission.

Texas senator introduces resolution to allow sports wagering and casino gambling

In November, Texas senator Carol Alvarado, the Democratic representative for the south-east Houston district, filed a ground-breaking gambling bill for the conservative state. Coming ahead of the beginning of next year’s legislative session, the proposal seeks to amend the constitution to legalise casino gaming and sports betting.

Under Senate Joint Resolution 17, a Texas Gaming Commission would be created to regulate legal commercial gambling in the state. A public vote would be held on whether to legalise sports betting and a limited number of big-city casinos.

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