INTRALOT showcases intelligent future of gaming at the WLS 2018

The leading gaming solutions supplier and operator is set to participate at the World Lottery Summit in Buenos Aires on November 18-22.

Argentina.- The future of gaming is not just digital. It is actually intelligent. INTRALOT has embarked on a holistic approach to Lottery and Betting solutions that reflect the tectonic changes in the digital era both in terms of consumer behaviour and in terms of new technology trends for Lottery Digital Transformation.

As a key supplier to regulated operators worldwide, INTRALOT prepares for the biannual World Lottery Summit in Buenos Aires, November 18-22, a gathering that sets the agenda in the industry for the next two years at a time when Lotteries are facing key dilemmas on their digital transformation strategies in a multiply connected world.

Lottery products (digital or retail) should be entertaining, diverse, and versatile and bear capabilities along with services to capitalise on the Lottery’s wealth of player behaviour data. The new INTRALOT Lottery Solution and the new Sports Betting Solution focus on cross-channel infrastructure and fast go-to-market functionalities along with a modern touchpoint philosophy and reduced costs of ownership.

Traditionally the Lottery systems were centralised and monolithic IT structures with proprietary technologies and interfaces, at the heart of the walled-garden ecosystem of the lottery operation. This model served adequately the legacy business but it is not sustainable in the fast-changing digital environment that requires openness, agility, standardisation, efficiency and fast deployment while remaining reliable and secure.

The omnipotent lottery central system is being redefined as a Digital Service Platform. The architecture of LotosX, the next-generation Lottery Service Platform is based on standardised modular components that offers quick and lean deployments, game configuration and distribution, increased scalability, easy integration with third-party platforms and systems, real-time financial monitoring and reporting as well as security and reliability at all levels. In that sense, such an architecture is optimally positioned to successfully face the challenges of the new digital economy.

At the same time, the new systems must take advantage of modern data analytics capabilities to safeguard and upgrade integrity standards and responsible gaming rules while helping regulated lotteries to fend off threats from grey or unregulated operators.

On the hot sports betting front, INTRALOT has created Intralot ORION, the next generation, flexible and scalable sports betting platform at the heart of an integrated Sports Betting Solution that similarly to the Lottery platform incorporates advanced content, the CRM platform Pulse, with both Retailer and Player functionalities, as well as reporting and security functionalities.  The platform offers pre-integration with multiple commercial feeds, event creation, markets pricing, resulting, and in-play incidents.

The CMS and PAM carry the latest security and transparency features, KYC and geo-fencing, and payment provider integration capabilities. The INTRALOT sports betting solution with its cross-channel capabilities can easily integrate with the Lottery platform and provide both cross-selling opportunities and economies of scale to State Lotteries in the United States.

On top of the S/W solution, INTRALOT offers world class services in Trading and Risk Management with the ability to provide guaranteed payout and marketing services (customer acquisition conversion and Retention, campaigns and loyalty programs, affiliate management etc.) as well as 24/7 customer support.

Integrating INTRALOT latest advances in terminal technology with the unique camera features and cashless payment capabilities, the company offers full retail POS ecosystem for C-stores and Sports Betting parlors (utilizes Lottery infrastructure) and Self Service terminals for social establishment and unique sports betting impulse-buying Vending Machines.

“As part of our mission to modernize lotteries all over the world in the digital era while promoting integrity and responsible gaming we are very happy that this year we renewed our WLA Responsible Gaming certification for our alignment with WLA Responsible Gaming standards as vendor and WLA Associate member,” said the company.

INTRALOT as an experienced provider of betting technology and services as well as licensed operator in 29 jurisdictions worldwide is delighted with the latest news about the opening of the sports betting market in the US. 

US clearly has the potential to become the world’s largest regulated sports betting market with its final size to possess a certain degree of elasticity on the number of States to allow Sports Betting, facilities, channels, product mix, tax levels, license or other fees, the wire act treatment and the achieved “illegal-to-legal” shift rate. Following PASPA repeal, it is anticipated that many States will follow course with their own legislations and bills.

“We see great opportunities for the United States Lotteries entering the sports betting market and leveraging their wide land-based network and client basis, their integrity and trustworthiness to attract players away from the illegal markets. Their commitment to responsible gaming standards and practices, and their experience to deliver a sports betting product that is socially acceptable, reliable, and transparent, tailored for the mass US markets across all channels are tremendous advantages in this process.”

INTRALOT’s experience covers more than 65 sports supported with different pricing models for over 24 sports, 24,000 In-Play events and 30,000 Pre-Game events per month capacity and more than 800 different market types. INTRALOT’s Betting entertainment portfolio includes Racing, Virtuals, and Pre-recorded propositions that increase player’s lifetime value. 

“Our solutions and services are tested over a wide variety of margins and payout targets and have delivered 50% average sales growth over 3 years for operators that opted to use INTRALOT’s Sports Betting products and Managed Trading Services with GGR maximization orientation and a 100% success track record, benefiting by INTRALOT’s multi-jurisdictional presence

“We look forward to presenting all of these features and discussing opportunities with current and prospective clients at the WLS tradeshow floor and conference in Buenos Aires.”

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