Indiana bill could change casino taxes

A new bill is set to introduce several changes for the casino industry in the state.

US.- Todd Huston, an Indiana State Representative, introduced a bill that wants to set a new tax for casinos, along with wagering tax and an admission fee per visitor. House Bill 1350 is set to help casinos to invest in their properties.

Huston’s bill would create a US$3 admission fee per visitor along with a wagering tax of 3 percent. It is estimated that the state pays US$48 million every year to local units as a complement to their shares. The bill introduced would reduce the tax to US$30 million, almost a 38 percent cut, whilst the remaining US$18 million would go directly to the state general fund. Contrary to the measure, Lawrence Mayor Kelly Mollaun said: “This deal was made by the State of Indiana and now they want to go back on their deal. I just don’t understand it.”

On Thursday, members of the Senate Public Policy Committee discussed in a meeting the possibility of moving Fuller House Resorts Inc’s operations from Rising Star Casino Resort in Southern Indiana to a new facility in Terre Haute. Since the proposed casino would be located in the western border of the state, it would help prevent people from gambling in neighboring states, and 65 percent of the revenue would come from the state, and not Illinois gamblers.