Two companies reactivate India’s market

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Ace2Three and Rummycircle have decided to establish an active gaming industry in India.

India.- As Indian authorities are not moving towards a comprehensive gaming legislation, two local companies Ace2Three and Rummycircle decided to empower the market by their own. The operators have announced this week that they are launching a new not-for-profit federation of online gaming sector.

Trivikraman Thampy, Co-founder and CEO of Rummycircle and member of the Advisory Panel of TRF said: “The Rummy Federation is a first of its kind initiative to establish a transparent and responsible online rummy industry by adopting internationally accepted best practices and tailoring them to the needs of the Indian market.”

The federation would offer “guidelines for online rummy, provide accreditation to online rummy websites, and to otherwise represent the interests of the industry.” Online gaming modality in India is strictly prohibited across the country, although operators have been offering certain platforms allowing residents to participate in different betting games. However, the operations were closed by the government in the last few months, opening a legal fight against local and international companies.

Meanwhile, operators are increasing their presence in online platforms and apps after a recent crackdown on betting rackets and short-term casinos in Delhi-NCR. The digital platforms are being used to target members-only communities.